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Rick Jordan Testimonial

Rick Jordan Testimonial

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Madeleine M.

Business Strategist

I have been working with Remi to identify, hire, onboard and train my right hand. She has been an amazing resource and made the process easy and worry-free. She has great trainings to help a small business leverage some of the best practices of mid and large sized businesses. We weren't sure that there would be too much for us to learn with our combined experience, but boy were we wrong! Remi opened ways for us to be more transparent and complete in our communications. She laid out a solid process to implement structure seamlessly. They are long-term systems that allow the Vision and Mission of the business to stay in focus and continue to be refined while still enabling the whole team to keep up with tasks and to-dos. Incredibly beneficial! Don't let her fool you with simple phrase "best practices" -- these are the secrets of the most successful revealed! I would highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to take their business to the next level!

Bob S. 

National Fine Art Transportation

Remi's made hiring so much more manageable and actually easy for me.  My day-to-day is so busy that I wasn't sure I could find the time to bring in new staff, but Remi made sure I didn't have to waste my time with the wrong candidates. She handled every piece of the hiring so I could continue to focus on growing the business.

The training Remi provides for on-boarding creates such a great container to build the trust needed to have a successful working relationship. She brings structure to the training that is so necessary for not just a new team member to get familiar with their responsibilities but also for me to effectively delegate and communicate my expectations. She has implemented much needed operations procedures that the business is becoming a well-oiled machine. My team has started to feel like a family as we've gone through Remi's trainings.

I highly recommend Remi for every business owner looking to establish long term success!

Krystal B. 

Transformation Coach

Remi is a pioneer and thought leader in the space of new paradigm leadership in heart-centered companies.


Remi guides entrepreneurs-with-a-mission on how to expand their team and hire the right people and also does it in a way where these team members believe in your vision as much as you do.


She takes a stand for these business leaders to graduate out of busy work and the weeds of their businesses into the visionaries they're meant and designed to be.


Remi is fiercely loving and deeply knowledgeable of the intimate ins-and-outs of what it takes to shift from overwhelmed solopreneur to organized and supported industry leader who's creating ripples of change.


You will love the gift you gave yourself of having Remi in your corner.

Hans F. 


Remi came to me as a referral, and all of my clients that met her commented how lucky I was to have her, and I couldn't agree more.


She was a joy to have in the office. Remi is upbeat and friendly, but very serious about doing a good job.


It's apparent to me that Remi is very passionate about the things she chooses to do. She puts all her efforts into her work and does a great job.


What she learned in the first few weeks in my office was more than I could teach my former employees in a year. She was an asset to our office.


I know she will do great. She is very intelligent and has the passion to succeed.


She will be a great component to her future employer.