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Grow Your Business By Doing Less









For years, I was the Executive Assistant to Lisa Sasevich, helping make her business, life and everything in between run smoothly. Now I help entrepreneurs and business leaders establish their backend support team to run multiple 6- and 7-figure businesses. 

I will put the right person in place to free you up to be with your clients, make the sales, and be the face of your company. I will help you find your own Remi!


Busy And Overworked Entrepreneurs

                   Discover How You Can Earn More & Work Less By Taking Dreaded, Low Income Producing Tasks Off Your Plate...

                   So You Can Focus On Doing More of What Makes Your Business Money!


                   A Step-by-Step System Guaranteed To Help You Get Out Of  The Grind…

                   Getting the Support You Need Can Help You to Earn More, Work Less to Grow Your Business and

                   Greatly Improve the Quality of Your Life!

I will find, hire, train and retain your perfect

Dream Team Guaranteed!

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Madeleine MacRae
Business Strategist

I have been working with Remi to identify, hire, onboard and train my right hand. She has been an amazing resource and made the process easy and worry-free. She has great trainings to help a small business leverage some of the best practices of mid and large sized businesses. We weren't sure that there would be too much for us to learn with our combined experience, but boy we're we wrong! Remi opened ways for us to be more transparent and complete in our communications. She laid out a solid process to implement structure seamlessly. They are long-term systems that allow the Vision and Mission of the business to stay in focus and continue to be refined while still enabling the whole team to keep up with tasks and to-dos. Incredibly beneficial! Don't let her fool you with simple phrase "best practices" -- these are the secrets of the most successful revealed! I would highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to take their business to the next level!

                   If you’re like most business owners as of late you’re probably buried with work

                   which also usually translates into you’re tired, overworked, underpaid and have no control of your life!


                   The fact is, YOU CAN’T SCALE YOU, and without a team to help streamline, market, build and

                   handle all of your daily minimum wage activities you’ll never truly get your business on solid ground.


                   Especially one that can grow, thrive and sustain in any economy!


                   Imagine if you had dedicated high quality team members working for you full time

                   to handle all of your minimum wage activities as well as to help market and diversify your business...

How much more time would that free up for you?

How much more


could you earn?

How much more could you accomplish?

How much more of

a life could you have?

You can do all of that and more…with the help of the right team member!

Let me ask...are you:

              Spending little or no time marketing?

              Logging in 60 hours a week or more just trying to keep up?

              Doing EVERYTHING yourself including minimum wage activities?

              Exhausted from working too hard for too little?

              Running your own business OR is your business running you?

              Stuck on the everyday hamster wheel?

              Worried about the direction and future of your business?

              Looking for More Time, More Money, and More Freedom in your life?


I'm here to tell you...there is a better way. MUCH BETTER! 

Let Me Help You Find The Support You Need

With My Proven 4 Step Process:


Discover what activities you should be delegating. Let me write the job description and post it for you. 


I will handle reviewing resumes, screening and initial interviews. I also provide template hiring documents. 


My training provides the systems and structure for you and your new hire to speak the same language from the start. 


Turn your team into a well oiled machine that is excited to work for you and take your business to the next level. 

                                      NO ONE else should dictate how much you work or how much you earn.

                                      Your life and your living should be 100% by your design... 


                                      Over the last few years I’ve refined and perfected a step-by-step process

                                      how to build and scale a highly lucrative business and lifestyle you deserve.  

                                      And I want to help you exactly to do the same.

Why Should You Invest In Your Business?

Get more


Nothing is more valuable to a business than time.

I will help you to reclaim your lost hours!



Productivity is all about doing the right things at the right time.  Start working "ON" your business, instead of "IN" it.

Find your


More time for vacations with loved ones.

You can even take time to relax and refresh!

Through my process, you’ll be able to:

               Find highly qualified people to work in your business              


               Delegate all the stuff that drives you nuts and sucks up your time

               Drastically slash your workload while massively increasing your income

               Build your team and scale your business without running yourself ragged

               Boost your income in no time flat

The Difference That Matters...

Entrepreneurial vs. Corporate

A lot of people want to try to label me as a "recruiter", however I am so much more than that. Recruiters take a percentage of the new hire's salary, which leaves me wondering, how do you know they aren't negotiating for their own wallet instead of within your budget?  Instead, I take a flat fee because I do the same work no matter the position we are hiring for. 

Personal Touch vs. Automation

In today's day and age, everything seems to be moving towards automation. And while technology can make many things more efficient, sometimes too much automation makes us feel less connected as the consumer. You can rest assured that I personally handle every single step of my process.


From on-boarding to retention trainings that include implementing streamlined operational processes, leadership and delegation skills, and team building in a company culture your dream team loves!

Unique Perspective

Having been the right-hand to a variety of successful entrepreneurs and seeing behind-the-scenes what it takes to effectively run multi 6- and 7-figure businesses for over 14 years makes my insights an invaluable resource you can’t afford to miss out on!

90 Day Guarantee

I provide a 90 day guarantee - or I will do the candidate search again.

I can only offer my 90 day guarantee with my entire process, not pieces of it.

                   How do I know this works?


                   Because for over 14 years I worked in businesses developing and practicing these skills,
                   and now for over 6 years I’ve helped other business owners to do the same. 
                   And not once, but multiple times in multiple industries around the country and in Canada.


                   And through my training…I’ll show you how to cut your workload and most importantly…GET YOUR LIFE BACK!


                   Yours in Success,

                   Remi Sorrentino

Remi is a pioneer and thought leader in the space of new paradigm leadership in heart-centered companies. Remi guides entrepreneurs-with-a-mission on how to expand their team and hire the right people and also does it in a way where these team members believe in your vision as much as you do. She takes a stand for these business leaders to graduate out of busy work and the weeds of their businesses into the visionaries they're meant and designed to be. Remi is fiercely loving and deeply knowledgeable of the intimate ins-and-outs of what it takes to shift from overwhelmed solopreneur to organized and supported industry leader who's creating ripples of change. You will love the gift you gave yourself of having Remi in your corner.

Krystal Brandt Headshot.jpg

Krystal Brandt

Transformation Coach

                   In the Next 90 Days, What Will You Do To Grow Your Business?

                   If you're looking to get more time back and you're struggling to keep up with the daily operations of your business,
                   having your Dream Team will be a game-changer for your business.  


                   Click the "Get Started Now!" button below and let's get you on the road to growth!

                   I only have a few spots open to take on new clients and my special pricing will expire in a couple days.
                   Don't miss out on the opportunity to get your time back!

Take my assessment to see

if you qualify for a

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